STL display network
DTS/Dolby digital AC-3 audio decoder

  • Model: DA32UQ

  • Outline dimension: 47mm × 31mm


  • Apply CS493264 audio DSP, CS8415 96KHz digital receiver, 96 KHz/24bit ADC and DAC.
  • Support Dolby digital, Dolby pro-logic, and DTS and so on, and have various sound field effect playback.
  • Analog audio frequency output, can select low-pass filter circuits by itself so as to realize different effects.
  • Built-in analog input mute, when there is no analog signal, the muting process will automatically go on, there is no need to connect detection circuit outside.
  • Digital and analog ground wires are independent, which lowers the requirement of motherboard PCB LAYOUT and gets better performance.
  • Metal case package in the shape of radio head prevents from disturbing sound and other components and provides excellent EMT function.
  • STL215 singlechip can upgrade directly program online. Users can get new program on Internet when necessary, which provides convenience for debugging and maintenance.
  • Provide the SSB communication mode. It is suitable to develop user mainframe by yourself.


   DA32UD and DA32UQ PIN TO PIN products

DA32UD and DA32UQ can be replaced each other, their differences are as follows:

•  DA32UQ's price is lower than the price of DA32UD.

•  The bass management of DA32UD is carried out by inner bass software, and it is acceptable that there are many kinds of bass configuration at the same time, while the bass management of DA32UQ is carried out by hardware.

•  DA32UD has internal audio effects, with many kinds of DSP effect options; DA32UQ is only external.


   Application Fields
  • Digital audio decoder or analog audio decoder.
  • AV reception Power amplifier.
  • Multi-channel multimedia active sound box with power supply and decoding.


   Technology parameter
  • Coaxial input: 0.5VPP
  • Outline dimension (include metal case): 47mm × 31mm × 8mm
  • Power voltage: +5V
  • Working current: 180mA
  • Analog input: 0.9Vrms
  • Output level@0dB:0.8Vrms


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